Big Resources and Fast Algorithms for Text Analytics

Electronic Dictionaries

Natural Language Processing applications not based on extensive and systematic morpho-semantic dictionaries do not make sense.

Local Grammars

VirtualWorks - formerly known as Language Tools - strongly believes in the use of extremely large local grammar systems to analyze substantial portions of natural language with a very high degree of semantic accuracy.

Information Extraction

Information extraction is the art of analyzing text with semantically organized local grammars to extract facts about people, events etc. and relationships between them.


Search suggestions constructed directly from the content serve the user better than previous user queries. This is what we are very good at.


Search Engine Technology

Building intelligent search engines requires powerful techniques both to create semantically interesting indexes as well as to answer queries efficiently and with relevant results.

Query Analysis

Understanding what and how users actually search is the magic key to tremendous search improvement.

Our Clients

Our clients base ranges from still-small startups to top players in Germany as well as in international markets.


The language processing technologies developed by VirtualWorks are based on more than 40 years of research in linguistics,  computational linguistics and computer science.