Our lexicon and local grammar based approach to computational linguistics

The language processing technologies developed by VirtualWorks - formerly known as Language Tools - are based on more than 40 years of research in linguistics, computational linguistics and computer science at a number of universities in particular the University of Munich and the University of Paris. Dozens of Phd theses and research monographs in finite state technology, lexical analysis, parsing, formal semantics etc. have provided the theoretical underpinnings of the approach to linguistic analysis and computation implemented by VirtualWorks. A small selection of relevant material is listed here (more comprehensive guides to our theoretical assumptions and methods will gladly be made available upon request):

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Blanc, O. LT-Locate Manual, VirtualWorks/Language Tools, 2015 (available upon request)

Schuster, J. TexLex Manual, VirtualWorks/Language Tools, 2015 (available upon request)