Find the Right Information Even in Huge Amounts of Data

LT-Locate is VirtualWorks' proprietary software that allows for ultra-efficent and superfast application of Local Grammars to very large text corpora.

Key features are:

  • Streamable API & pipeline processing (no temporary files used)
  • Text format available for writing local grammars (CFG-like)
  • Local grammars created as Unitex grf-files can be processed
  • Use of weights in local grammars to resolve ambiguities
  • Scales well in processing very large corpora (various modes of parallelization available)
  • Good integration with standard Unix shell and other tools (e.g. grep, sort, ssh, perl, etc.)
  • Processing steps can be easily automated
  • Client-Server mode (HTTP/POST protocol)
  • Active development (customer specific features may be implemented on request)

Dictionaries of different sizes and for various application areas are available from VirtualWorks for many languages (e.g. English, German, French, Norwegian as well as a dozen others).