Want to Better Understand Your Users?

A proper query-log analysis typically forms the beginning of each project with VirtualWorks. Through analyzing user behavior, a web site's strong and weak points get revealed and appropriate action can be taken. The result of a query-log analysis is always twofold: a report outlining striking search behavior characteristics and a customization of semantic resources to reflect these characteristics.

At VirtualWorks, we highly respect data privacy. All query-log analyses are conducted on anonymized queries with no linkage to real persons.

Features of LT Query Analysis

  • Analysis can be conducted on almost all log formats (we provide consultancy on how to ideally log user behavior)
  • Query space segmentation (e.g. into different verticals or into types of queries)
  • Folding of queries (which queries appear in which variations)
  • Query segmentation based on an exhaustive term dictionary of the underlying data
  • Session-based user behavior (e.g. query reformulation)
  • Contextualization of query interpretation based on search/clickthrough patterns
  • Treatment of ambiguous searches on the basis of search/clickthrough patterns
  • Repair of frequent searches that are not yet answered satisfactorily