We Get More out of Your Search Engine

VirtualWorks has a long standing involvement in the development of universal as well as vertical search engines; its team was responsible for a wide range of original features on both Altavista and AlltheWeb including for instance the first language identification and machine translation on web search engines, phrase detection, related queries, flash-ins and many other features.

The construction of universal and specialized search engines requires powerful techniques both with respect to the construction of the indexes as well as for efficient and relevant query answering on the front end. For both components VirtualWorks has developed highly efficient tools for the extraction of semantically interesting information from textual material via the use of thousands of local grammars for the identification of hundreds of different entity types expressed by general terms as well as factual structures. These semantic entities can then be used effectively for suggest modules and varieties of dynamic drill-downs.

VirtualWorks has also constructed a number of vertical search engines in the past in such areas as „job search“ (Jobanova, acquired by Stepstone) or „ecommerce“ (Pangora, acquired by Lycos).